18 March 2012

HK CD Paradise

Just as I was about to head off to the airport last weekend I was assailed in the streets of Hong Kong by someone who had attended one of my pre-concert talks with the HKPO and knew of my interest in buying CDs.  Did I know, he asked, about a fantastic new CD shop in Mongkok?  Yes, I answered, Prelude is Top Dog in my book (having taken over that position from the self-styled Top Dog and Gramophone of the Lock Road/Peking Road/Nathan Road bit of Tsimshatsui), and I have referred to its excellence more than once in this blog.

But no, my assailant was on about an altogether new place called Clazz Music which is apparently in Shantung Street, which runs off Nathan Road very close to the Bank Centre which houses the fantastic Shung Cheong Records.

The need to get to the airport and catch the flight back to Singapore prevented my paying a visit - but that's top priority when I'm back in Hong Kong for my next talk and Edo De Waart's farewell concert on 20th April.  So expect both a review of the concert and of an exciting-sounding CD store around this time next month.  I can't wait - can you?

Someone (either my assailant or another CD fanatic) has given me the link - check it out  http://clazzmusic.com/

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