28 November 2011

The True Blues

In lectures about music I have often used a famous TV advert from the 1990s to illustrate what the Blues is.  It remains, for me, the perfect description of the Blues and all it stands for.

Ex MPO-horn player, good friend and utterly lovely bloke, Nicholas Smith, now teaching in Brunei (lucky Bruneians) has been to stay over the weekend and asked me if I remembered the television sketch which had so succinctly encapsulated what the Blues is all about.  I was able to root out of my stock of VHS recordings made in the days when I used to leave the video recorder running while I went off to the pub in the UK, and on one of those I found the advert.  He, being rather more tech savvy than I, immediately decided it must be on You-Tube; and so it proved to be.

So here, courtesy of a disgusting beer, but one which immeasurably enriched the lives of all those of us who used to watch TV adverts, is the PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF THE BLUES!


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