16 July 2011

Malaysian Organ News

My apologies for those in today's audience who REALLY wanted to have an uninterrupted diet of Belgian music.  I hope we can have the missing pieces (especially the Callaerts, which is a gem) if we resurrect the recitals next year.  However, I'm sure you will understand why I decided to move off the printed programme and pull in a few old favourites as well.

As the question-and-answer session at the end of the recital showed, a lot of you are keen that these recitals should continue.  We managed an audience of 580, which is pretty impressive, so I don't think anyone can claim that the organ has no support!  As I said to the man who asked about this, arts' managers the world over think the organ is boring and of peripheral interest, but it's not, and we need to show that it's not by pressing the relevant people to allow recitals to continue.  If you feel strongly that the lunchtime free recitals in KL should carry on, please make your feelings known to the DFP management.  The address is in the concert calendar.

One assurance I can give is that, if we do have more recitals next year, we will hold them on the same day as orchestral concerts so that you can stay on and enjoy the MPO in its full glory!

In response to those who wanted to know the full details of the programme I did play today, here it is;
Lemmens: Fanfare
Bach: Toccata & Fugue in Dm (BWV565)
Lemmens: Priere
Franck: Grand Choeur
Gardonyi: Mozart Changes
Mulet: Tu es Petrus

Please log on to this blog from time to time to get updates on the future of our recitals and to hear about what else is going on.  In the meantime thank you all for your support.

Dr Marc

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