24 March 2011

Doctored Press Report

Now Here's a funny thing.  When I fly on SIA they have long since learnt to mark my seat off with the letters "NMD" (Not a Medical Doctor) to avoid embarrassment when somone falls ill on a flight; the once cast-iron guarantee of an upgrade long since abandoned.  I've certainly been known to the Malaysian press long enough for them to know that, while the Mad Dr M (the one who masquerades as the country's unofficial Emperor) DID get his doctorate through his medical prowess, mine came as a result of philosophical research into music, specifically Frank Martin (1890-1974, if you're interested).  But I suppose it makes for a catchy headline, even if the idea that I might be playing the organ for eight days on end fills even me with horror!


  1. Dr Marc

    I suppose the headline could have been even more misleading. Something along the lines of "Doctor performing on organs for free". Though that may have attracted entirely the wrong kind of audience.

    After years of conspiratorial glances when I visit medical institutions in Singapore, and comments of "what is your specialisation ?" from the doctors, I have just about given up using the Dr prefix. I never found a suitable reply to the comment "Oh, so you are just a Permanent Head Damage ?".

    I should welcome your advice, doctor.

    Dr Peter

  2. I'm a "Permanent Head Damage", that's why I need some musical therapy, hah